Why Pigment Was Better Than Paint?

There are various different ways in which you can paint. Also, there are various mediums available to match the method of painting. Different artists choose different materials to suit their styles and preferences. Every individual creates art as unique as oneself. Some people paint, draw, sculpt, or even build. The main motive behind creating art is expressing oneself- to make something unique with your own hands. Many artists prefer to buy ready-made paints, but several benefits are associated with buying Pigment. So, there is only one clear winner in the battle of pigment versus paint: pigment! They are rich in color, but they also have various redeeming factors. Some people also refer to pigment as 'colorant.' Let us check out why one should always prefer buying a pigment rather than paints.

Do You Know The History Of Pigments? Why Do Pigments Matter?

Do you know how pigments came into existence? Do you want to know the fascinating story behind the emergence of such an important thing that is practically responsible for providing color to every aspect of our lives? Read on to find some never heard things about pigments.

What Is The Pigment Green 7
and Manufacturing Process?

A pigment green 7 created by a new manufacturing process that produces color as strong as traditional pigments but without the harmful effects.

What Are Fluorescent Pigments
And How Do They Work?

'Fluorescent' colors soak up and throw back more light than conventional colors. Since fluorescent pigment absorbs and disperses more light, they appear brighter, dazzling, vivid, and eye-catching. Fluorescent is more commonly known as neon pigments. The neon pigments use large amounts of both the visible spectrum and lower wavelength. The difference between conventional colors and neon pigment powder is that fluorescent pigment powder soaks up and transforms the light energy of the dominant wavelength. Still, it also transforms the wavelength of ultraviolet rays. However, other conventional colors get lower in the visible spectrum

What are the pigment
types? and its uses?

Pigments are one of the most important components in painting. It can be a pigment type or its uses. The pigments we offer are organic and synthetic. These can be used for printing inks, paints, or textile dyeing

The Fundamentals Of
Dyes And Pigments?

Both dyes and pigments have fundamental differences between them. But their primary motive is to add colors to substance and improve its aesthetic appearance.

Everything You Should
Know About Pigments?

Pigments are the color of any object. This article will teach you some interesting facts about pigments. Pigments are used in a variety of ways such as painting or coloring.

Differences Between Dyes
And Pigments In Flooring

Pigments that can be provoked by daylight to emit brighter, vivid, and more blazing colors than conventional pigments are known as fluorescent pigments.

What Is The Pigment
Green 7 And Its Advantages ?

Pigment Green is a type of paint that has many uses in various industries. It comes below the category named Phthalocyanine dyes. Moreover, this pigment is one of the compounds that have many uses.

Pigments Suitable for Plastic Materials

Pigments are organic or inorganic particles added to a polymer foundation to give it a specific colour or function. Are you looking for thorough information on plastic pigments? Examine the many pigment and colourant families used in the plastics industry (organic, inorganic, and carbon black) and their key characteristics, performance aspects, and processing options.

The function of a Pigment Used in Coating

Paints, coatings, and inks all contain pigments, which are essential components. They are used in paint and coating compositions to give the wet or dry film colour, bulk, or a desired physical and chemical quality.