What Is The Pigment
Green 7 And Its Advantages ?

Pigment Green is a type of paint that has many uses in various industries. It comes below the category named Phthalocyanine dyes. Moreover, this pigment is one of the compounds that have many uses.

Pigments Suitable for Plastic Materials

Pigments are organic or inorganic particles added to a polymer foundation to give it a specific colour or function. Are you looking for thorough information on plastic pigments? Examine the many pigment and colourant families used in the plastics industry (organic, inorganic, and carbon black) and their key characteristics, performance aspects, and processing options.

The function of a Pigment Used in Coating

Paints, coatings, and inks all contain pigments, which are essential components. They are used in paint and coating compositions to give the wet or dry film colour, bulk, or a desired physical and chemical quality.